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Our CBD hemp oil is sourced from Colorado, and pre-dissolved and injected into microscopic liposomes. Liposomes are made up of a sac of phospholipid molecules (a class of lipids, or fatty acids found in our molecular composition), and can be artificially created to allow substances to be absorbed into the tissues of an organism (such as hemp oil).


In its natural form, hemp oil is too dense and too sticky to fully pass through your cell membranes and into your tissues. This slow absorption rate often means requiring higher doses of hemp oil than necessary in order for it to be processed efficiently by your body. By embedding our CBD hemp oil molecules into microscopic liposomes, we can ensure a much quicker rate of, and a much more successful, absorption of the hemp CBD oil.

In essence, this safe administration technology allows you to absorb our all-natural CBD hemp oil with the aid of naturally-occurring phospholipids, supporting cellular health and safe delivery of the cannabidiol directly into the cell.

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